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Kryptofabbrikk Records, electronic music label, created in 2011 by Italian DJs and producers Kryptonicadjs Kryptofabbrikk Records is the beginning of a great musical adventure.With the idea of sharing with the world fantastic music quality.We love music and we want to enable the musical we consider more attractive and innovative personal. Kryptofabbrikk is a seal that is not carried away by fads or trends in music, always uphold the good music.Chill, Depp, tech, House.We like different music with soul and originality, if you identify you will be welcome. Kryptofabbrikk Records has picked up support from good djs that like different vibe !!

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04 – 05 -2018

04 – 04 -2018


KF092_Kryptonicadjs_Life Machine (Original Mix)Out 15/12/2017
KF091_Cyril Caps_All Systems _(Original Mix) Out 09/12/2017
#Buildingupthemusic KRYPTOFABBRIKKAST N.13_Shades Of Chicago _25_11_ 2017 Free Download
KF090_Paolo Fanelli_Love Pattern_(Original Mix)OUT 07/10/2017
KF089_Johny_F_Dee_Deep Darkness (Original Mix)OUT 04/10/2017
##Buildingupthemusic KRYPTOFABBRIKKAST N.12 – Cyril Caps – 07/09/2017_FREE DOWNLOAD
#Buildingupthemusic KRYPTOFABBRIKKAST N.11 Shades Of Chicago – 19 07 2017 Free Download
#Buildingupthemusic KRYPTOFABBRIKKAST N. 10_Alfonso_ 10/07/2017_Free Download
K-FLASH (Man tank top)
KF086 – Johny F Dee – Race Of Base(Original Mix)
#Buildingupthemusic KRYPTOFABBRIKKAST N.9 – Johny f dee – 12/06/2017 Free Download
KF085 – Kryptonicadjs – Locomotion (Original Mix)Read more…
Sabato pomeriggio 13/05/17 ore 18:00 – “THE BOX”
KF084 – Imagineer – Broken Dreams (Original Mix)-Read More……
Sabato pomeriggio 15/04/17 ore 18:00 – “THE BOX”
KF083 – Cyril Caps – It’s Like That   Read More…
#01 – KRYPTOFABBRIKK RECORDS – TOP TEN TRACKS – Presented by Kryptonicadjs –  Read more …..